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Greets all, just a little message from me to apologise for the adverts (in the menu to the right) they have unfortunately become necessary to help to pay for the site.

If you'd like to donate directly (you lovely person you) then comment on this post and KillerBee will be happy as Gordon Cook! (however happy he is... wassat ) to let you know how you can help.

Cheers for listening smile

19 Feb 2006 by Benjy

Finally a new release!

Today the 5th of November I decided to released a new version of MySLAX Creator and Modulator. Both are release 1.4.1.
From now on MySLAX Creator and Modulator are shipped together.

So what’s new:

MySLAX Creator
• Rootcopy support: Finally you are able to include your own /etc/X11/xorg.conf file from Windows.
• Nosound boot option added (SLAX 5.0.7 only)
• USB hard disk are disabled by default again but you can enabled them by calling MySLAX with the “-expert” parameter. (ie “C:Program FilesMySLAX CreatorMySLAXCreator.exe” -expert)
• Better Windows 98/ME support (I hope)
• Strong RAID support, including advice about failed Dell PowerEdge arrays. )
• Fixed some bugs.

MySLAX Modulator
• Dir2Mo support! You are able to create your own module from a Windows directory. Please don’t ask me for mo2dir support. I don’t know how to decompress modules in Windows.
• Double click filename.tgz starts MySLAX Modulator
• Fixed some bugs.

Have fun smile
05 Nov 2005 by Killerbee

MySLAX Creator site moved!

As you probably noticed the MySLAX Creator site moved to the domain. Please update your links!
Thanx to my one and only sponsor smile
A new version of MySLAX Creator is coming soon, see this in the meantime. Some small bug fixes and " rootcopy folder" support
25 Jul 2005 by Killerbee

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