About MySLAX Creator

MySLAX creator allows you to create your own customised Slax
live cd in Windows XP/2000/NT.

This program can:

  • Add so called modules to the /modules or /optional directory (.mo or .img)

  • Add general files to the /extra directory

  • Remove modules from the original ISO image.

  • Add some permanent boot options. (For example start SLAX in GUI mode)

  • Create your own MySLAX ISO image.

  • Burn your ISO image.

  • Prepare a bootable USB stick and copy all the SLAX files to it.

It has also been used with other SLAX derivatives such as Klax,
gNOX, GoblinX and Mutagenix but this is only feedback from users on the slax forums.

Please feel free to explore the rest of the site using the navigation to the right. I hope you enjoy the program!
05 Apr 2005 by KillerBee