Is there some kind of How-To?

I thought MySLAX Creator was "self explaining" but I noticed there were some questions.
Thanks to JKWood I found this small MySLAX How-To
Maybe it will help some people.
Thanx JKWood smile
29 May 2006 by KillerBee

MySLAX Modulator Doesn't like spanisch characters

MySLAX Modulator doesn't like Spanish local temp directories
Actually not MySLAX Modulator but XCopy.exe!!!

Normally MySLAX modulator uses the users local temp directory something like:
c:Documents and settings[username]Local settingsTemp
But in Spanish it's
C:Documents and Settings[username]Definições locaisTemp
Xcopy cannot handle the çõ characters?!?

To solve this please change your local Temp environment variable to for example c:Temp.

05 May 2005 by KillerBee

Does MySLAX creator run under Windows 98?

Right now it's not supported.
I hope it will be in the near future
07 Apr 2005 by KillerBee