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19 Feb 2006 by Benjy

Finally a new release!

Today the 5th of November I decided to released a new version of MySLAX Creator and Modulator. Both are release 1.4.1.
From now on MySLAX Creator and Modulator are shipped together.

So what’s new:

MySLAX Creator
• Rootcopy support: Finally you are able to include your own /etc/X11/xorg.conf file from Windows.
• Nosound boot option added (SLAX 5.0.7 only)
• USB hard disk are disabled by default again but you can enabled them by calling MySLAX with the “-expert” parameter. (ie “C:Program FilesMySLAX CreatorMySLAXCreator.exe” -expert)
• Better Windows 98/ME support (I hope)
• Fixed some bugs.

MySLAX Modulator
• Dir2Mo support! You are able to create your own module from a Windows directory. Please don’t ask me for mo2dir support. I don’t know how to decompress modules in Windows.
• Double click filename.tgz starts MySLAX Modulator
• Fixed some bugs.

Have fun smile
05 Nov 2005 by Killerbee

MySLAX Creator site moved!

As you probably noticed the MySLAX Creator site moved to the domain. Please update you links!
Thanx to my one and only sponsor Ben Davis smile
A new version of MySLAX Creator is coming soon. Some small bug fixes and " rootcopy folder" support
25 Jul 2005 by Killerbee

MySLAX Creator 1.3.0 released!

Version MySLAX creator 1.3.0 has been released today!.
Some small features added.

MySLAX Creator features:
* Possibility to change your desktop wallpaper (KDE/Gnome/XFCE)
* Experimental support for Windows 98/ME! (Creator only)
* /extra is mounted under /root/extra (

MySLAX Modulator features:
* SLAX's "mo2dir" and "uselivemod" commands are supported now!

Download it now!cracker autocad franais
29 May 2005 by KillerBee

MySLAX Creator 1.2.1 released!

New version of MySLAX creator has been released today.
This is mainly a bug fix release.

Bug Fixes:
* USB booting SLAX 5.0.5 with syslinux.exe should work from now
* USB stick boot options support
* Remove a module should work again
* USB stick creation revised.
* MySLAX uses from now on a MySLAXTemp directory
* Spanish characters problem should be fixed

Download it now!
07 May 2005 by KillerBee

MySLAX Creator 1.2.0 released!

A new version of MySLAX creator has been released today.

Main changes:
* Released under GNU GPL version 2!
* MySLAX Modulator included!
* MySLAX Patch included!

Bug fixes:
* USB HD drives are detected!
* It's possible now to add a tons of mp3 files to your ISO image smile

Download it now!
05 May 2005 by KillerBee

MySLAX Modulator 0.9.2 Beta released!

What is MySLAX Modulator?

MySLAX Modulator creates SLAX 5 compressed modules from standard Slackware Linux packages in Windows XP (more or less the same as the SLAX tgz2mo script). It's possible to create one module out if several tgz packages.

Slackware packages can be found at or from the slackware site. Future releases of MySLAX Modulator will be included in MySLAX creator.

MySlax Modulator will be available for download here
23 Apr 2005 by KillerBee

Hit counter

I've added a hit counter to the site to see how popular it is! From 4am this mornng (gmt london time) to now (11:35am) it has racked up 60 hits! I think MySlax must be fairly popular!

Would a poll or some form of feedback capability be good for this page? Leave a comment regarding what you think by clicking the comment link!
10 Apr 2005 by Benjy

MySLAX Creator version 1.1.7 released!

New version has been released today.
This is mainly a bug fix release. No new features.

* Bug "Hide file extension for known file types" fixed!
* Bug in “Available modules” list box fixed.
* Some tool tips updated

Download now!
08 Apr 2005 by KillerBee

MySLAX Creator version 1.1.6 released!

New version has been released today.
You should be able to create your own SLAX 5.0 ISO from now!
Please look in the download section for the installation file and for more information about this release. Download now!
06 Apr 2005 by KillerBee

New Website

New site up! Hope everyone likes it - especially Tomas - there are shamrocks everywhere! Some feedback would be great to say what you think or report any errors anywhere! So feel free to post some comments!
02 Apr 2005 by Benjy